Landlord Credit Bureau

Stop Delinquencies and
Reward Responsible Tenants


   Network of landlords and property managers
   Access the Tenant Records database
   Register on tenant credit reports
   New benefits for responsible behavior
   Consequences for delinquency
   Legal Defence


   Improve your credit report
   Build a positive Tenant Record
   Skip the line, get the place you want
   Monitor your records
   Authenticate and rate your landlords
   Invite your current Landlord

30,000+ Landlords & Property Managers


Of delinquent tenants stop being delinquent


Of tenants are likely to see their credit reports benefit


Of surveyed renters would be more likely to choose your property if rent payments were helping their credit

My existing tenants are excited to hear that their biggest expense each month (rent) will now be reflected in their credit report. Likewise, they are aware of the consequences if they don't pay future rent on time.

Landlord, Ontario

I think that the LCB offers an excellent service to help struggling landlords find and keep great tenants, avoid the wrong tenant, and encourage mediocre tenants to become good ones.

Property Profits Podcast, British Columbia

Good tenants deserve to be recognized. I have many who pay on time and treat my property and me with respect. Using Landlord Credit Bureau, I am able to do something extra to help them.

Property Manager, British Columbia

I had tenants who vandalized my property and moved out without paying. I felt powerless, so I started using LCB to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Landlord, Ontario

After hours of chasing and many late payment notices I signed up for LCB hoping my tenant would finally respond. I reported $3,600 in late rent, three days after the tenant received a notice from LCB they settled their debt in full.

Landlord, Saskatchewan

Its about time that landlords and tenants have access to a service like LCB! 

Durham REI, Ontario

Compliant with federal and local credit reporting requirements

Report Rent Payments on Past and Present Tenants

In collaboration with Equifax, LCB brings rent payments to credit reports


How it works

  1. Landlord records past or present tenancy
  2. Tenant receives Welcome Email so they can login and check their record
  3. Landlord has option for tenant to receive monthly reminder emails
  4. If rent is paid on-time, tenant builds a positive history and their credit report benefits
  5. If rent is not paid on-time or there are other problems, tenant’s record will show that delinquency AND their credit reports are impacted
  6. Everyone’s identity is securely verified and there are multiple protections in place to ensure accuracy of information and to handle any disputes
  7. Landlords search the Tenant Records database and avoid bad tenants
  8. Good tenants can share their reports to get priority the next time they rent

We help landlords & tenants


We verify everyone's identity to ensure integrity


Data security & privacy are top priority


Complies with or exceeds the requirements under governing legislation

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