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Landlord Credit Bureau is the rental industry’s partner,
providing tools to help landlords & tenants prosper.

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Trusted by landlords, property managers & tenants

Empowering 30,000+ landlords and property mangers with the tools to reward responsible tenants, motivate positive payment habits, and introduce consequences for delinquencies. LCB brings rent payments to credit reports.

Eliminate Tenant Debt


of tenants stop being delinquent when reported to LCB.

Attract the Right Tenant


of renters prefer a property with rent reporting.

Protect Your Property


saved per delinquent tenant.

What our members are saying

I just checked my credit score, and it has increased by over 40 points. Didn’t you just sign me up a month ago? THANK YOU!

Darren, Tenant
My existing tenants are excited to hear that their biggest expense each month (rent) will now be reflected in their credit report. Likewise, they are aware of the consequences if they don't pay future rent on time.

Steve, Landlord
A few months ago we had a landlord hire us as their PM company. Their tenants were continually late with rent and advised her they could not pay until the 18th. After signing them up for LCB rent came early last month and this month ... worked for us!

Allison, Property Manager
We had over $140k of bad debt, that we pretty well had given up on. Within a couple of months we collected on debts that will pay our LCB for the next 5 years. I'm looking towards the day all landlords are using LCB.

Gord, Landlord
I have 2 tenants who are new to the country and no credit. This is a perfect program to help them get established and build credit…. I'm a new landlord and I feel this elevates my status by doing something nice for my tenants.

Kamal, Landlord
Within the first 7 minutes I had a phone call from the first tenant apologizing for forgetting about the invoices and agreeing to a repayment plan.


Compliant with federal and local credit reporting requirements



We verify everyone's identity to ensure integrity.



Data security & privacy are top priority.



Complies with or exceeds the requirements under governing legislation.

“Renters finally catch a break, can now use rent payments to build credit.”

“… make renting an essential part of building up your credit.”

“… significantly benefit some who have struggled to build credit.”

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