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Tenant Screening

Credit Reports & Tenant Records

Rent Reporting

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Recover Tenant Debt

Find the Right Tenant

Tenant Screening

Landlord Credit Bureau provides Landlords with the tools they need to choose the best Tenants. Credit Reports from Landlord Credit Bureau are easy to use, fast and affordable. With an applicant’s permission to pull their Credit Report, you will receive a long-form report that includes credit score, personal information, credit history (tradelines), inquires, public records, and collections.

Tenant Records from Landlord Credit Bureau include payment history, and previous Landlord’s contact information. 

Encourage On-time Rent Payments

Rent Reporting

Landlord Credit Bureau’s Rent Reporting tool allows Landlords to report monthly rent payments to Credit Bureaus. Landlords who offer Rent Reporting help to reduce the time it takes for responsible Tenants to unlock and access future credit-related rewards for themselves and their loved ones.

Responsible Tenants can opt-in to see their largest monthly expense build credit and unlock the benefits of financial freedom. When a rental agreement is broken by an intentional nonpayment, the delinquency will be shared with credit bureaus and will show on the debtor’s Credit Report.

Recover Tenant Debt


Landlord Credit Bureau provides peace of mind for Landlords facing the financial stress of former tenant debt. Landlords can report tenant debt to Credit Bureaus for the purpose of collecting the outstanding balance. The debt will show on the tenant’s Credit Report until it is cleared.

Landlords who have been burdened with unpaid rent can stop chasing their former Tenants. With Collect, Landlords can inform their former tenants of the impact a debt has on their credit. Tenants with outstanding rent payments will actively reach out to you directly.

For Tenants who wish to clear the debt but require additional time, Landlord Credit Bureau enables Landlords to register payment plans. When both the Landlord and Tenant agree, a payment plan can be a win-win, Tenants can still build credit and Landlords reduce their tenant debt.

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