Landlord Credit Bureau


  • Improve your credit report
  • Build a good tenant record
  • Skip the line, get the place you want
  • Monitor your records
  • Authenticate and rate your landlords

Make Your Future Easier

Develop a Good Tenant History

Tenants rarely receive an extra benefit for paying rent on-time, taking care of the place and just being a good tenant. When a landlord reports to us, good tenants benefit!

Good tenant history, improved credit report, preferred tenant status.

Improve Your Credit Report

Good credit is important for your future. By having your on-time rent payments reported to credit bureaus, you can improve your credit report and help repair any poor credit history. Rather than waiting the 6-7 years for bad accounts to fall off your credit history, take action now.

Skip the Line. Get The Place You Want

Landlords want to know that you pay rent on time and will take care of the place. Being proactive and showing them your verified history puts you ahead of the competition for the place you want.

Monitor Your Records

Your records are important for your credit report and your future ability to rent housing. Make sure your landlord is reporting accurate information. Receive notifications, check your records and comment.

Authenticate and Rate Your Landlords

We’ve all heard about fake landlord scams and slumlords. Check them out before you hand over any money!

Already have a landlord? Let other tenants know if they are good or bad!