Landlord Credit Bureau

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Credit Bureau Services
For The Rental Industry

Canadian Housing Providers report rental history data and screen applicants. Renters stand out and secure housing with verified rental records. A better rental process for everyone.


Credit Bureau Reporting Benefits Everyone

Credit Bureau reporting in Canada helps Canadian Housing Providers make informed decisions. It enhances accountability, encouraging timely rent payments and responsible behavior. Renters can build a positive rental history, improving their chances of securing future housing.

Tools to Improve Renting for Everyone

Unlock the Benefits of Credit Bureau Reporting in Canada

Rent Reporting

When rent payments are reported to Credit Bureaus both Housing Providers and Renters benefit.

Credit Building

Improved credit can help Renters stand out when applying for new housing and secure their preferred home.  

Tenant Screening

Thorough Tenant screening helps Landlords find reliable Renters and maintain a safe, well-managed property.

Debt Reporting

Remove the stress of unpaid rent. Credit Bureau collections can help you recover debts from former Tenants.

How to Report Rent

To report rent to Credit Bureaus, Housing Providers need to sign up for rent reporting service like FrontLobby.

Rent Can Count
Towards Credit

Until the development of Rent Reporting, Tenants were unable to build credit through their monthly rent payments.

Rent Reporting Services

Landlords and Tenants are able to report rent payments and rental history data to Credit Bureaus. This means Tenants can use their positive rental history to secure their desired homes and Landlords can screen potential Tenants using these records.

How It Works


Sign up to FrontLobby as a Renter or a Housing Provider and enter the lease details.


Monthly rental payments are tracked and shared with the Credit Bureaus.

Credit Building Services

Tenants can report rent payments to Credit Bureaus as a way to build credit, which is essential for securing homes and obtaining better loan terms. Housing Providers who offer credit-building services can in return attract high-quality Renters.

How It Works


Tenants sign up and enter their lease details using FrontLobby.


Rent is paid and shared with the Credit Bureaus each month.


Every on-time payment builds credit history and could improve credit score.

Tenant Screening Services

Tenant Screening services allow Housing Providers to pull credit reports and background checks on potential Tenants. By reviewing a Tenant’s financial history and rental record, Canadian Landlords can make informed decisions about whom to rent to. 

How It Works


Sign up at FrontLobby and choose your Tenant Screening package.


Select the most reliable and responsible applicant for their rental unit.

Debt Reporting Services

Reporting debts to Credit Bureaus can help Canadian Housing Providers recover unpaid rent by
holding Tenants accountable for their financial obligations. This practice not only aids in
debt recovery but also promotes responsible Tenant behavior.

How It Works


When a rent payment is missed it may be shared with Credit Bureaus.


Tenants are incentivized to communicate and settle the outstanding debt.

Bring transprarency to the rental industry by reporting rent payments to Landlord Credit Bureau.