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Good Credit Starts With… A Strong Budget?

Believe it or not, your good credit starts and ends with a strong budget. This may sound strange but it’s true!
Your budget is the foundation of your personal finances and everything you do financially stems from your budget – including your use of credit.

For credit to be most beneficial to you and your finances it must be used effectively; otherwise, it can destroy your finances.

Why Should I care about my credit

Why Should I Care About My Credit?

These days, it seems like there is more and more pressure on us to have “good credit”. Everywhere you turn you see an offer for a free credit check. So much value is placed on that almighty credit score… but why?

All kinds of companies use your credit report as an indicator of how responsible you are with finances and borrowing. The funny (and surprising) thing is, you don’t even have to be applying to borrow anything to have a credit check demanded of you.

Debt (and Too Much Debt)

Debt can be a touchy subject. You may have noticed that there are more billboards, radio commercials and online advertisements for “debt solutions” than ever before. It’s no secret that consumer debt is extremely high and has been growing consistently over the past several years. The fact is that it’s easier than ever to borrow money and easier than ever to spend it quickly! This is a dangerous combination that can – and often does – result in many people getting in over their heads in debt.