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How to Rebuild Your Credit in Canada

Today, you’ll gain 12 smart actions any Canadian can take to rebuild their credit rating after a consumer proposal, bankruptcy, or a financial crisis.

I’m Paul Murphy, a founding partner of 4 Pillars with 20+ years experience in the financial services industry. Today, I want to answer one of the biggest questions we get: how can I rebuild my credit in Canada? The truth? 

Credit is a fact of life

There is an old expression that there are only two things you can be certain of in this life: Death and taxes. To that, I am going to add “credit”.

In today’s world, credit makes the world go around. Of course, most Canadians access credit to make a big purchase like a home or a car, but if you really think about it, our need for credit extends so much further. Without credit, it’s unlikely you can get a cell phone, subscription, or book anything online. 

A 10-step money management plan to organize your finances

20-year financial veteran Paul Murphy explains his system for building a realistic money management plan. If you’d like an expert to review your debt situation, you can contact your local 4 Pillars office.

After working in the finance industry for 20 years, there’s one truth that seems to be proven again and again: people who are good with money tend to spend more time organizing, planning, and knowing exactly what’s going out—and what’s coming in.