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How do I explain this to my tenants?

Tenants are notified by LCB with a welcome email. This email outlines the positive benefits for responsible tenants as well as the consequences for tenants who pay late, owe money or cause problems. This notification frequently causes tenants who owe money to either pay or create a payment plan. 

Download a 1 page notice you can provide to them here.

Does LCB have clauses for my tenant application and lease documents?

Yes, click here to download them.

Can I report former tenants?

Yes, you can report Former Tenants.

Is it legal to report tenants?

Yes. By registering with LCB, tenants are made aware that their payment habits can either positively impact them or make it more difficult to obtain tenancy and credit in the future. LCB is a reporting agency in Canada. LCB complies with, and in several instances has worked to exceed, the requirements under governing legislation.

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What is the impact on a tenant’s credit report?

In addition to creating a tenant record with LCB, you can also have LCB secure a line item on your tenant’s credit report with Equifax. LCB secures a trade line which does impact credit rating, versus a public record which does not. If the tenant does not pay you, then their credit report will be negatively impacted each month until they pay their debt to you, impacting their ability to rent and get credit.

Can I pull credit reports with LCB?

This feature is launching summer 2020.

Can I screen tenants using LCB?

Yes, LCB is a network of Landlords and property managers. When considering a new candidate, you can search LCB’s database to view verified past records of tenancy which include reviews from their landlords. Together we can prevent professional bad tenants from hiding their past delinquencies.

What is a Tenant Record?

The Tenant Record is shared with the tenant, prospective landlords and other Credit Bureaus. For responsible tenants, the Tenant Record is a verified rental history that can help them with prospective landlords. For delinquent tenants, Landlords can view these records before choosing to rent to them. LCB cautions against any company that asks you to report on tenants and say they will keep it confidential from your tenants. That is illegal and can create personal financial liability for you by reporting them.