Landlord Credit Bureau


  • Network of landlords and property managers
  • Access the Tenant Records database
  • Register on tenant credit reports
  • New benefits for good behavior
  • Consequences for delinquency

Prevent Losses and Reward Good Behavior

  • The average bad tenant costs $11,000 + TONS of anxiety. Prevent them!
  • Set up and forget. Every month we’ll prevent delinquency and help your good tenants.
  • Already using a property management software? Fantastic, we complement your existing systems.
Avoid Bad Tenants

Avoid Bad Tenants

Search the Tenant Records database. The best way to know they’ll be a good tenant is if they were before. See actual rent payment history and verified landlord reviews.

Attract Good Tenants

Offer to improve their credit! Be the landlord who helps good tenants by reporting their on-time payments, and they will see their credit report benefit. Now that’s a perk!


Get Paid In-full and On-time

By reporting your tenancies, you are providing notice that there are long term benefits and consequences for payment behavior. You are also providing an incentive for responsible tenants to continue, and other tenants to become responsible.

Justice for Bad Tenants (Past and Present)

Stop the abuse from bad tenants.  By reporting your tenancies you can ensure bad behavior catches up with them and future landlords can avoid them. Tenants who owe you a debt will find it more difficult to obtain tenancy and credit in the future as this information is shared with other landlords and credit bureaus.

Collect Debts Owed

We can assist you with recovering debts owed from current or former tenants.